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非洲鼓, 非洲舞, African Drum, African Dance, Annual Dinner, 週年晚會, 舞台演出, Stage Performance, Event, Parade, 巡遊
非洲鼓, 非洲舞, African Drum, African Dance, Course, Workshop, 課程, 工作坊, 課外活動, ECA, 興趣班, CORPORATE TRAINING, TEAM BUILDING, 團隊訓練, 公司培訓
非洲鼓, 非洲舞, African Drum, African Dance , Event, Carnival, Annual Dinner, 活動, 嘉年華, 週年晚會, 員工培訓, TRAINING, TEAM BUILDING, 團隊訓練
非洲鼓, 非洲舞, African Drum, African Dance, 非洲樂器, 手作, 手工藝品, Music Instrument, Handicraft, Djembe, AKOMA

Stage Performance


Taste of Africa!

We are the very first music and dance group in Asian region registered in Centre of National Culture, an official organization in Ghana, Africa.

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March 08, 2020


Start from March 2020★ENROLL NOW



October 01, 2019


March 08, 2020

​African Drum and Dance


Beginner Course★Start from March 2020★ENROLL NOW

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非洲鼓 – 香港容不下的聲音?

April 12, 2018


February 13, 2018

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Musical Instruments

African Handicraft