Oulamii Sooj African Drum (Djembe) Online

OS 非洲鼓網上課程

✅程度Level:適合任何程度學生參加。Suitable for All.
✅語言 Language:英語為主,輔以簡單粵語 Mainly in English, supplemented with Simple Cantonese
✅地點 Venue:在線 Online


🔸 所有參加者需自行準備設有鏡頭及顯示器的電子器材及穩定的網絡連線,課堂將以視像通話或視像會議程式進行。
🔸 參加者請自行準備非洲鼓。如沒有非洲鼓,可向本學院租借,需另付租金及按金。於課程完結後收回非洲鼓,在沒有任何損壞的情況下,可全數退回按金。
🔸 可選擇一對一或自行組團,課程以4堂或8堂為單位,詳情請聯絡我們。
🔸 名額有限,先到先得。

🔸 All participants need to prepare proper electronic equipment with lens and monitor, stable internet connection. The class will be held by a video call or online meeting platform.
🔸 Participants have to prepare their own African Drum (Djembe). We also provide a rental service for those who do not have any Djembe. The rental fee and deposit will be needed. After finishing the course, the Djembe has to be returned. The deposit will be fully refunded if the Djembe is in good condition.
🔸 The class can be in either a private or small group. There are 4 or 8 lessons for one course, please contact us for details.
🔸 Limited quota. First-come, first-served.

Course Details 課程資料


Course Fee 課程費用

1-on-1 Course (1 hr/ lesson)

  • $520/ 4 Lessons 

  • $960/ 8 Lessons(With Certificate of Completion)

* 20% off if more than one student

1 對 1 課程(每堂 1小時)

  • $520/ 4堂 

  • $960/ 8堂(完成後可獲課程證書)

* 如自行組合小班上課,可享有8折優惠

Djembe Rental 租用

  • $200(Delivery by GOGOVAN or LALAMOVE, pay by the receiver)

  • Deposit $1,500, fully refundable upon return of Djembe (No damage on leather nor the wooden shell)

  • $200(可火炭交收或運費到付,可安排GOGOVAN、LALAMOVE送貨)

  • 另,按金$1,500,課程完結後歸還非洲鼓 (鼓面和木身無損壞),將全數退回

Software 使用軟件
Zoom Cloud Meetings / Cisco Webex Meetings

Payment 付款方法
Bank Transfer 銀行轉帳 / PayPal